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The best credit card depends on what you need it for. Spending? Get a card that offers interest free purchases or will earn cashback or rewarts.

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Credit Card Information Guide

Applying for a Credit Card Who’d have thought that a rectangular piece of plastic could be so handy? And a credit card (used wisely) is very handy indeed. For starters, it can be safer than carrying around wads of cash because, if it gets lost or stolen, you can cancel and replace it. It’s also a way of giving you some breathing space until pay day, but remember you need to pay it off at the end of each month.…

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Black Box Car Insurance Policies

Are telematics and black box insurance the same? Yes, a telematics policy is a different way of referring to a black box insurance policy. Some insurance providers call their policies telematics and others black box. What is a Black Box insurance policy ? A black box policy is a way to get an insurance policy more closely linked to your driving. Usually insurance providers rely on lots of statistics to tell them which class of driver is high and low…

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