Exactly what does the price tag on my car insurance coverage rely on?

Your car insurance quote considers a huge number of factors -some related to you, and some related to the car you drive.

For example, your age, how long you’ve been traveling, where you live, and even what you do for a full time income are all factored in to the calculation of the price.

Then there’s the car. What model is it – and therefore which insurance group, how many miles a year do you drive, what’s its value? These factors can make a large difference. Verify out our set of the cheapest car models, to see how this compares too.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the answer to all those questions is the same for each and every insurance carrier, so why do they have different prices?

Well, to start out with, while insurance providers determine their prices in generally similar ways, they all have their own models and formulas that each uses. These produce different solutions. They also have different attitudes to the risks that they’re willing to consider. While some insurance providers will focus on providing estimates for younger drivers for example, some may choose not to.

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